Have you discovered your Passion?

‘’There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’’ — Nelson Mandela

Everyone has a passion .....You, me, your family, friends, colleagues, the dog, (ok maybe not the dog....but hey he might in his/her own way).  Passion often manifests during childhood and is pursued through play, as children we were free to actively pursue the things that interested us, but as we age we are often encouraged to go after more practical pursuits and therefore leaving our passion aside.

There was a time when people weren’t encouraged to follow or even consider passion when living their lives. Survival was the most important and that often meant working from sunup to sundown with only room for sleeping and eating. Things like hobbies and passion weren’t discussed or even considered because there simply was no room for it. 

With overly scheduled lives that we experience these days, we may feel the same and that there may not seem like much time available to search for our passion... but any time spent actively seeking your heart’s desire is better than no time at all.

Always busy.....always on the go!

Always busy.....always on the go!

Over time, we often forget the passions of our childhood or even the ones we discover as we age. So taking the action of discovering our passion is often the first step down a path of actively pursuing it. 

At the time of birth, a child is pure, there is no fear, they are innocent and have limitless abilities for anything. A young child loves the wonders of life and lives life to their fullest. At that age you were truly like a light, you had nothing to bind you and had unlimited potential to achieve anything.

Most of us lose this natural ability of ours with the increasing age and lose the greatest gift that we were born with and that is the state in which we were slave to no one and could follow any path for our life based on our own choice and reach to the destination that we have decided for ourselves. We lose our natural innocence and become someone who has taken on certain belief systems, have placed limitations on ourselves, lack natural confidence and some lose identity.

Certain belief systems can place limitations on ourselves resulting in lack of natural confidence and some to lose identity of self.

Certain belief systems can place limitations on ourselves resulting in lack of natural confidence and some to lose identity of self.

In order for your search for passion to begin, you can start by expanding your mind. How do I start with expanding my mind, I hear you ask?  Well, simply like with exercising, once you urge your muscles, they will grow. It’s the same with your mind and brain; once you think or try fresh things, your brain expands, an extended brain is an enriched brain. 

There are a number of ways to expand your mind, beliefs and actions in daily life. Occasionally though we discover ourselves “in a rut” and sometimes we simply can’t seem to get out of it, we can also have a disposition to put on our autopilot and carry out the motions in our lives, without consciously believing about what’s going on around us.

For example - Have you ever been driving home from work or school, and once you get in, you “snap out of it” and couldn’t recall a thing about the drive? Your automatic pilot kicked in and did the driving for you. Well on that journey your brain didn’t expand.

Most people spend almost their entire life within their comfort zone or the place they feel safe at and they never let the life give them the experience they need very much to be where they want to be in the future.

They surely avoid some trouble by doing this but they are also missing out on an opportunity to reach their full potential and find their passion.

Hanging on to the safety zone of yours in a known environment and among other familiar faces is exactly like being in a prison of your own fears and worries. And the worst about it is that most of the times you don’t even realize it that you are living in a cage built by you only... instead you feel like you are free in every manner.

Believe me; if you are doing it then you are living in a cage of your own choices. When you think out of the box and stop following what others say and think for you, you will find everything that you have been missing. You need courage and confidence to break this wall of fear that holds you behind and to face these fears. 

The moment you devote yourself to the efforts of finding the greatest reality, start facing your fears, and leave your safety zone, you are walking a path that we call the journey of life and as they always say, “The journey is always as good as the destination.” And when you walk this path towards your destiny, you become what you wanted to be, you find your passion.