There’s nothing wrong with procrastination. Or is there? I’ll leave it to you to decide, but only if you have the time. - Craig Brown

Before I begin with this blog regarding the worst form of procrastination, there is an argument that procrastination is good for creativity and that procrastination is a sign that we are creative.  However taking procrastination too far will hinder creativity and this is the area I will discuss within the blog.


Let’s suppose you planned to be at your PC, Easel, Studio, Workshop...... working at a project, at 10 a.m. on a Monday morning, but you’re not. How come? The answer may be one or more of the accompanying:

  •  Woke up late.

  •   Scrapped with your lover last night, and continue reliving the quarrel in your brain.

  •  Are too sapped – the coffee hasn’t set in yet.

  •  Are overly hyper – drank too much coffee and can’t sit motionless.

  •  Are disquieted by the weather – it’s amazing out and you’d love to take a walk or bike ride.

  •  Are disquieted by the weather – it’s atrocious and depressing.

  • Got a telephone call (or e-mail or instant message) from a friend, who's depressed (though not in crisis) and asked to talk.

  • Are net surfing or net shopping.

  • Are playing Solitaire.

  • Simply realized that it's highly crucial to work on another project.

  • Or, if you work in a home office:  Switched on the television set for “a minute” and saw that one of your favorite actors was being interviewed, so you decide to view the interview.

  • Simply realized that the laundry urgently needs to get done! 
Can the laundry wait.....?

Can the laundry wait.....?

These are common things that may throw you off your course. It’s only a partial list; naturally, you may add many other entries to it.

One crucial thing to point out is that, while a few of these bumps appear “good” or “worthwhile” (like commiserating with your unhappy acquaintance or doing the laundry), and some seem “foul” or “frivolous” (like playing Solitaire), they're all equally unacceptable from the viewpoint of beating your procrastination habit.

You'll need to learn to resist the urge to get absorbed into activities that are not on your schedule, regardless of how crucial or virtuous they appear at that moment. The one exception, naturally, is emergencies, by which I mean actions that can’t be put off without significant harm to yourself or other people.

Procrastination has been a way to fight competing priorities, fear of failure, high stress and perfectionist attitude. However, delaying or postponing a task right up to the last minute could possibly attract problems and affect the quality of your work. This habit can also encourage resentment, guilt and stress that can lead to longer hours of work and missed valuable opportunities. If procrastination starts to sabotage your productivity, think of ways on how to combat this completely. 

In common scenarios, when we are faced with deadlines instead of doing the work, we occupy ourselves checking social media accounts and emails, surfing forums and blogs and watching videos. (I think we are all guilty of this at some point, but we can't allow it to become a habit) Procrastination is really a bad habit that stops us from getting better results in life.

There are countless ways on how to overcome this habit. If you want to stop procrastinating one way would be to get inspired and be with the people that inspire and motivate you.


The following are ways you can be inspired and stop procrastination successfully.

  •  Hang out with people that inspire and encourage you to take action.

    It is quite certain that when you spend time talking with like minded people, you will be more inspired to work and act rather than stay stuck.  Other people have the influence to affect your behaviour, so ensure you are hanging out with the right fit, find people who trigger you to work and become better.  Hang out with people who are hard workers and go getters more often. 

  •  Find a Buddy Who Inspires.

    Having the best companion makes the process of putting an end to procrastination habit easier, having a friend who has big goals in life will encourage you to reach your full potential too.  Both will be accountable for each other’s plan and goals although not necessarily having the same goals. Having different goals is helpful as you'll get the chance to learn from each other. Talk to your buddy regularly and find time to discuss progression made in achieving your goals. 

  • Seek out individuals who have successfully overcome the habit of procrastination and draw inspiration from them.

There are instances in life that in order to accomplish things and be successful, you need to seek out people who have been in the same situation and find out how they succeed in getting things done. When you have found these people, connect with them. Seeing proofs that goals are achievable might trigger you to take actions and be more productive in life.

Be with individuals who inspire you to work, act and persevere until you reach your goals rather than be with people who will just join you in your procrastination world. 

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.