9-5 jobs are not for everyone! Do you find you change jobs regularly and cant understand why?

Full-time jobs are not for everyone - there I said it!  To most people they are fine, they may not be ideal but they are managable or to some they are seen as amazing opportunities to take care of their expenses and responsibilities to prepare for the future and provide a sense of security.

But to some people however, this does nothing.....for example it does nothing for the free-flowing creative, nor the risk-it-all entrepreneur.  Could your restlessness, unhappiness, boredom and job-hopping be a result that deep down you'd prefer the struggle of stretching resources to do the impossible as long as you were feeling fulfilled in life?

If this sounds like you then you could be a highly creative person or a budding entrepreneur but you just dont realise it yet? When I say highly creative, I dont necessarily mean to be a closet artist, writer, poet etc, (although you could be), heck I was. I experienced all of the below and had NO clue that deep down my purpose was to express my creativity through Art until I had experienced years of unhappiness at work, not fully understanding why I couldn't settle.


Do any of the following resonate with you?

Routines make no sense?

Doing the same thing, or set of things, day-in and day-out, drives a creative mind nuts. Without the passion, we soon lose interest, we are very committed people and once we decide to do something we will see it through, however we find great energy when we have the freedom to organise our own diary.  

Too much Structure suffocates you?

If I (as an artist) have too much structure, especially structure someone else dictates to me then I go crazy. I’m not talking about “method-to-the-madness” crazy, I mean damn-near-killing-people-for-no-reason crazy. You'll find that the majority of entrepreuners and creatives feel the same.

Entrepreneurs and creatives crave the abstract, free flowing of things.  A normal everyday routine are a series of habits and we follow them with intentions of making our lives easier, but rarely ever stop to think about how limiting they might be. However, to the creative mind these routines are very apparent and can be suffocating as it goes against their need for freedom.

You need to work at your own pace?

If you can resonate with the above so far, the chances are you will also find that you are happiest when you work at your own pace.  I am a life-long learner and I will always continue to develop myself in all areas of my life, however when I study a course for example I much prefer home study than one in a classroom environment.  Some may argue that not being in a classroom environment leads to a much higher percentage of uncompletion of the course.  I would tend to disagree, if you have chosen a subject that you are fully engaged with and that meets your interest then we will find the accountability within ourselves to complete.  Highly creative people tune the entire world out when they’re focused on work, but prefer the freedom to pick and choose when they can work and realise that motivation cannot be held to a certain time of the day.

You Prefer To Work In Non-Traditional Industries?

Banks, law firms, factories and the typical office aren't able to keep creative people for too long. These environments don’t utilize your strengths enough, and so, you get frustrated and work hard to find ways out of that environment. And even sometimes you leave before the probationary period is up.  Most of my working life I was chained to this type of environment but having a family to raise and having no idea what other options I had, I stayed but admittedly unless the company offered some of the above and freedom for me to be creative, I left.

Creative minds need environments that are comfortable for them. They need the flexibility to do projects that challenge them with wide autonomy, so they can keep themselves grounded and focused.

So you see, It's unlikely traditional, full-time jobs will cut it for these folks.


Find your own authentic self

Find your own authentic self