A Wake Up Call to Yourself

A lot of us need some kind of catalyst (major wake up call) in order to make changes such as losing our jobs, a relationship breakdown, being broke ..

Its in these times when we wake up and really think about what is going on and what we can do to make our life better. . .

Most of us love the familiar and like the feeling of security and having our comforts around us to feel safe so until anything drastic happens we will coast along putting our life on hold. . .

However, if we wait for turmoil to occur before we make great things happen in our life it may end up to be one of the greatest regrets we will experience.

It’s been a good few years now since I answered my wake-up call.

It was the beginning of my journey in radically changing my life for the better.

Wake up calls can also be a collection of gentle calls that have previously been ignored and are now so desperate to be heard, its the only way of getting our attention.

When our intuition tries to communicate to us in the form of gentle nudges, taps on the shoulder, whispers in our ear, and we ignore them, the only way to be heard is to escalate those messages into more noticeable forms of rude shoves and shouts.

Its at this point, that those nudges turned into shouts can easily turn into a crises, a crises that alters our life so dramatically that we have no option but to change, and do our best just to cope with the situation. 

I had such a message when after spending many years working within executive sales roles having high sales targets, bosses I needed to please, regular long hours away from my family, surrounded by negative people (the list goes on)… I started to become disconnected from myself….one day...…I just had enough…

It actually got to the point where I had to get away, I just needed peace to be 'myself' - whoever that was, I was gradually being moulded into a person everyone else wanted me to be.

When I reflect back I had previously felt and experienced those gentle nudges, those taps on the shoulders and the whispers in my ear but I was too busy and distracted to answer them, I chose to ignore them.

Sometimes it’s easier to keep our lives complicated so we don’t have to listen to the inner voice telling us what we need to do in order to make our lives better.

So following the decision to change I began to work smarter, save smarter and make some serious life changes...

I paid off my debt, my partner and I downsized our property, I decluttered from ‘stuff’, cleaned out my closet, reduced my hours to part-time (eventually quitting my job), I began creating the work I love (artist), I owned my awkward introverted-ness and took my life back.

Each change inspired and encouraged the next, I actioned this over a period of time (I would not recommend changing all of these things at once without serious thought and planning, after all we do live in the real world and bills need to be paid). 

However when it comes to change, some changes can only be set in motion by a firm-arm tactic, otherwise the forces of habit, fear and laziness are just too stubborn and they will take hold and keep us stuck.

So its our responsibility to ourselves to listen and respond, if we don't respond to our intuition, we put ourselves in a position of the ‘wake up call’ chasing after us.

Make time and space to hear your inner voice, to really listen, this takes practice, when we are calm and centred our intuition will become easier to hear.  

I was always busy, I didn’t make time to be calm but when I did prioritise myself I was able to connect with my heart, and gain more clarity about what I really wanted in my life. 


Are you wondering what to look out for?

Here are a few examples that could be your wake up call giving you a nudge:

Do you feel your life is on auto-pilot?

How often do you put yourself first?

Have you become someone you don’t recognize in order to please others?

Are you chasing some version of success that doesn’t resonate with you?

Do you numb yourself out with food, shopping, alcohol, tv, or other distractions?

Do you feel worn down, stressed out, and exhausted?

Choosing to answer the call is the hardest part, ignoring it is easy because we wont have to make change.  

Change can be scary but what is more scary? For me it was ‘not’ changing.

Find the inner courage and curiosity to take the first step.  You are brave enough and strong enough to answer the calls.

Remember you only need to take one step at a time that’s all that matters.  You don’t have to have the perfect plan, just have an open heart and listen for those nudges.

You’ve got this.