10 Day Mini Series - ‘10 steps to begin creating a life you love 2019’ Day 1 - Reflection

I love December, for me it is a time of reflection and the month to put into place foundations ready for the New year.

I have an event over on my Fb page where for 10 days each day I chat live offering a step that can help you to begin creating a life that you love for 2019.

Day 1 - Is all about Reflection.

Reflecting over the past year and questions to ask yourself that help you take stock.

We can focus our attention on rush, rushing in our fast paced society and constantly striving to move forward with productivity and doing we forget to take a moment to pause and reflect.

Here is the video.

I’d love for you to join me tomorrow where I will chat all about ‘Life Balance & Where You Are Now’.

Come over and join me tomorrow on FB Live at 11 am GMT.