How to stop overthinking and being stuck!

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. - Clement Stone

Being a compassionate artist or Entrepreneur is no easy task, we are all making a living challenging and pushing the status quo.  Everyday we face fresh obstacles, hurdles we need to jump and often we fall down seven times to get back up eight times.

True thinking helps with all of the above in times of planning, creating, producing etc but overthinking any of the above can cause us to stay stuck, stress levels increase, disturbed sleep, fear of the future, we dont trust our own judgement...therefore we stop taking action.

When we are stuck in the negative it can be difficult to take action, scientists have confirmed that overthinking activates the parts of the brain that are involved in fear and anxiety.

If this sounds familiar to you then let me offer you some simple ideas to help you free yourself from overthinking now.

1. Awareness - be aware of your thought process as this is the beginning of change.

Overthinking is different for each of us, so it is important to notice your unique triggers.  At anytime that you notice yourself doubting or feeling anxious, step away and write them down because in that moment of awareness lies the seed of the change you want to make.

2. Learn to trust yourself.

Do you find that you are second guessing yourself regularly, from what you're saying, how you're saying it and how you come across to others? First thing is to remove those limiting beliefs you have about yourself, they are simply not true, they are not serving you well and they are keeping you stuck. Make a start to visualize trusting and how you want to see yourself everyday.

3. Live in the now - realise that you cant predict the future.

All we have is now, no-one can predict the future. Dont allow yourself to be held hostage of your future driven thoughts, we cannot live in the future and we shouldnt live in the past, the moment we have is now, the today and this you can control. 

4. Think of what can go right instead of focusing on what you 'think' could go wrong.

Remember you have the resources to deal with any scenario that comes your way. When you find yourself overthinking and the minute you find yourself meeting with resistance, stop what you are doing and do something positive.

There is no such thing as perfectionism, so please do not put pressure on yourself waiting until everything to be just right, there will never be the exact perfect right moment, treat life as an adventure and an opportunity of learning and exploration. When you take action and it doesnt work out how you'd hoped, then learn from this experience, note what happened and take those learnings with you to the next time, you will be more wise and ready.  

There are no such things as mistakes only learning opportunities and when we change our mindset for growth we will find it easier to focus on the positive.

5. Learn to take more action.

Focus on baby steps, do something each day that will scare you!.  You dont need to choose something so scary that it will overwhelm you, but take action.  Pick one area of your life where you have been overthinking things, even if it is sending that email, making that phone call, talking to a stranger, the important thing is to break the pattern and habit of being stuck by overthinking.

Any bit of growth, no matter how big or small is to celebrate, declare to yourself that you are an action taker, refuse to be stuck due to your thinking, take the action with confidence and trust with yourself.

Be proud of yourself with everything you do......rinse then repeat.