Introverts: Use Your Empathy As A Superpower

‘’Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler

Most people on this beautiful planet have empathy, some have a great deal more than others and for introverts it is one of our greatest strengths.

Lets touch briefly on the meaning of empathy, in a nutshell, its when we step into the shoes of another and are able to understand and share their feelings. Its not the same as sympathy which is feeling sorry for someone, sympathy doesn't involve understanding the emotions of other people.

Empathy can be seen as a weakness in a desensitised world, feeling and caring for others is sometimes viewed as a waste of time.  Empathic people can be told as children (and as adults) that they're too soft, too kind, too sensitive and that they need to toughen up...hands up if you've heard that before?

This can have a negative impact on some people and can contribute to disconnection with others, thinking that to be a caring person is to be soft so I must retreat from being myself.  There is a difference between being caring and being a doormat however, this I will discuss in another blog. :)

I believe the world needs more love, kindness and sensitivity in it - don't you?  Introverts naturally see beyond the superficial surface and external persona of someone, looking beyond the ego.  

We are able to see beauty everywhere and see the person for who they are inside. It is a crying shame if people who hold such compassion in their heart are suppressed within a materialistic focused society.  This is one of the reasons why introverted people dislike shallow small talk because they want to form a deeper connection based on compassion and empathy, a sense of mutual trust with no egos.


Empathy includes being receptive to body language and non verbal cues, being very observant and sensitive to surroundings and environments. Introverts are more introspective they can be highly sensitive to any incongruences in a persons verbal cue and body language, passive aggressive behaviour, fakeness, masking behaviours and differences in energy.  

The empathic strength I hold came in handy with both of my careers as a counsellor and in corporate sales, I was able to utilise the skill to build trust with my clients, listen, connect and place myself in their shoes, while still being self aware of my own emotions too.

So you see to create meaningful and lasting relationships is truly a superpower and a great gift of an introvert.

Embrace this gift and surround yourself with the people that get you, who want to be with you, who love you for you. Don't let anyone tell you that caring for others is a waste of time because it isn' are much needed in this world, go spread your love and be proud of your superpower.