Dare To Be Yourself, However Frightening It May Prove To Be

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
― May Sarton

When you find the courage to take the unexplored path to your awareness and creativity, you may find endless possibilities within yourself that you didn't even know you had.

You just need to make a choice and take the first step to begin the process.

Self-awareness is your internal compass and the one tool that can show you what’s going on inside and how you can help yourself.

Taking the action to tune into your inner creative power and awareness takes courage.

Courage to understand that the beliefs and feelings you hold of yourself may actually be met with resistance, blocks and a myriad of additional questions which all may appear frightening.

The key thing to practice here is to adopt a curious and open mindset while setting the intention and commitment in developing your awareness.

A good place to start is in recognising who and where you are in your life right now.  

Are you in the valley of contentment, the swirls of confusion, the depths of despair?

Sometimes we need to spoil the soil that currently supports us in order to unearth the hidden potential and buried treasure that lies within us.


Let me ask you a few questions:

Can you place your hand on your heart and say that you've been paying attention to your thoughts lately?

Do you find yourself living in the past and the future but rarely the present?  

Are you constantly worrying about the unseen future events or the ghost of previous visits?  

Well these patterns of thinking can potentially drown out the beautiful moments of your life that you should be enjoying and experiencing right now.

So right now....I need to ask you to take a moment to pause and ... 'Breathe'......

Did you do it?

You see our life unfolds in the present and too often we allow those precious moments to slip away only to absorb the emotions that are attached to our fears and doubts.

For an example, who has been at work and daydreamed about being on holiday?

Yes me too, most of the time infact...but have you also noticed that when you are finally on holiday you worry about the work that is piling up on your desk too?  

Why do we do that? Why do we allow our thoughts to control us and take away the exact precious moments we need to embrace?

It's so important to step out of this way of thinking and be present in the moment that we are experiencing right now.  I have practiced mindfulness for years, it has become a bit of a buzzword these days but mindfulness is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present.  

I began training to be a counsellor back in the 90's and for the role it was important to become self aware, aware in the observation of my thoughts, feelings, decisions, roles, relationships, and so on.

Also at that particular time I enjoyed martial arts (random to butt in with this I know) but most of my exposure to mindfulness had been through the study of martial arts with the notion -  respond rather than react.  

Nowadays I enjoy the practice through yoga and other activities including anything from walking, drawing or painting, to listening to music, these are all powerful techniques for calming the mind so that you can feel and hear your emotions speak. 

You see you don't have to be sitting still and meditating if thats not your thing, you can introduce mindful living into your everyday life even while washing the dishes if you so choose.

I digress, but the important thing to really understand is... where are you in your life right now? 

Whats holding you back from creating the life you want?

How willing are you to do what it takes to give it your best?

What price are you willing to pay to live your best life?  

These may seem like tough questions but begin to recognise, understand and manage your feelings and responses to them, write down your thoughts, take your time... but most importantly be in the moment while you explore.

Remember, worrying does not take away tomorrows troubles, it only takes away todays peace.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
― C.G. Jung

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