Why you should listen to your own inner voice even when other people tell you not too?

Your inner voice is the connection to yourself and yet we can shrug the feeling off preferring to look outside ourselves for answers  Thinking that accessing our inner wisdom engenders mistrust, fear, and doubt due to having zero tangible evidence to support the gentle nudge we feel inside.

When I mention 'voice' it's not always a voice you hear, but a sense or a feeling, a hunch or fleeting feeling, image, or impression. (Although for some it maybe a clear voice)

Instead of valuing our inner wisdom we allow the limiting beliefs absorbed overtime from other people to take precedence.

Have you caught yourself saying - What sense is there in following something that is not tangible? or I'd rather believe other peoples opinions of me, I don't trust my feelings on decision making.

When in truth we need to start building a closer relationship with ourselves, to become our own compass and not to automatically follow the trail that others have mapped out for us because we think their reality is more trustworthy.


When you trust yourself deep inside, you will discover so much of your truth, what really matters to you, your gifts, your strengths and your values.

As children its possible at the time when we voiced our feelings and our thoughts to others we were rejected, shunned or shamed.  So as children we learnt to put a mask on, still being fully aware of our thoughts and feelings inside but no longer confident in sharing them with the world.

It took me a long time to trust my inner voice again, to know that I was good enough and that it was ok if I messed up.  

When I was five years old, like a lot of children I started school (I was the youngest in the class) - five is no age in the scheme of things and at that age children are still very much learning and processing the world around them, not understanding that the information they hear from adults isn't always the truth.

Mistrust for my inner voice began in my very first years at school.  My teacher took a dislike to my quietness, she would always choose me to answer difficult questions, if I didn't answer her question correctly in front of the whole class I was sent outside into the corridor where I spent the remainder of the time.  This occurred frequently, even in scenarios such as, a chair not being at my desk when I entered the classroom, it was my fault so I was sent back out into the corridor.

So at that point unconsciously, I began to learn the process of not being good enough, likeable or lovable enough - or so I thought at the time.

Its a lifelong journey to develop trust in yourself, to take chances to take risks and to gain confidence to learn from them and grow.

With gentleness and self-compassion you can take a loving look at yourself and ease up on the inner blame. 


Life will throw you curve balls and many obstacles as I'm sure you've experienced in many different ways, the important key is to know how to manage, resolve and jump over each hurdle as you encounter it.  

You can do that by choosing to explore, to get to know and love yourself for who you are so you can better handle life's challenges.

Whats the point of being on this beautiful earth if it's only to please others and to be liked by everyone.  

Life is about becoming who you are..... the struggles are a gift, offering you the opportunity to evolve and grow.

Embrace the mindset that you will grow through every stage...... trust that you will.

Dream big, believe in yourself, know exactly where you want to go - please don't be afraid, don't be paralysed by fear, fear and trust can't work together in harmony. 

Begin to overcome those limiting beliefs.

Trust that you have your own back and that you will catch yourself if you fall.

Be seen, be heard, be you!! xxx

“At the core of your heart, you are perfect and pure. No one and nothing can alter that.” - Amit Ray