One crucial ingredient you need to help build your confidence.

Curiosity feels better than caution -
Claire Fagan

Curiosity drives us to explore and to try new things.

You maybe asking what does curiosity have to do with building self-confidence?

A curious mind is an active mind.

When we are curious, we are forever asking questions and seeking the answers. This causes our brain to become more active, our brain is like a huge muscle and by working it, you're making it a great deal stronger. 

Curiosity lets you see things from different angles and perspectives. When you're set in your old ways by conditional thinking it can limit your potential due to your brain being less willing to accept alternative solutions.

Imagine your life now – do you see it becoming more successful?

If you don’t see your life becoming any more successful than it is now then it wont be, it’ll remain exactly the same.  

However, if you are able to open your mind to fresh ideas about how your life may look and feel, you'll be more open to try them. 

Be open to suggestion by letting yourself ask more questions and actively look for different answers. 

When your brain is free and open to new ways of thinking, you'll be able to see the greater picture in almost every situation. Your world will be limitless to new possibilities as you embrace your curiosity.

It takes the most curious brain to have the capability to look further than the normality of life and see beyond what is hidden underneath the surface.

These are worlds and possibilities that you are able to access and make reality.  You have total control of your curious brain.

If you want change in your life then start to be curious. Curiosity builds excitement, adventure and fun, you have the ability to look around you and see life around you from a different perspective.

You can formulate that curiosity to help you become a more confident person.  Once you really get curious and you truly wish to know what your life will be like with authentic confidence you'll be more likely to make them happen. 

Consider different versions of things and how they may wind up.

When you're developing your curiosity never take matters for granted. Many people accept things for how they are, which is ok for a starting point as we need to accept ourselves for where we are now before we can move forward but unless you have that curiosity you will never dig deeper and so will lose your excitement and stay stuck.

As you're developing your curiosity, it's crucial to ask questions. Remember you're working on you and you have to be curious. This will let you get under the surface of things. 


Discover as much as you can about everything. Not only are you working on your mind but you're learning fresh things and developing an understanding too. 

You're learning about why you do the things you do. It may be worth noting that although you may do something one way, other individuals may choose to do it a different way and thats ok, they are walking their own path, try not to be influenced by other people.

The most crucial mindset to success is to believe that you will be successful. You truly can be successful but if you don't believe it you will find any excuse not to be. 

Your abilities are in your brain and you've total command over your success. 

Relax and trust, feel all the feelings embrace and express all of it so that you can let go of old negative thoughts to make way for the new.


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