Are you too busy being busy that you're forgetting to make a life?

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. - Dolly Parton

Have you ever caught yourself saying, 'There aren't enough hours in the day', and/or, 'I have way too much going on at the moment', and/or, 'I'll come along to the next event, once I've finished...(fill in the blank)...?

I know I have, I'm sure I'm not alone.

Busyness has become more of an endemic in our modern society. After all, we have career ladders to climb, businesses to grow, families to raise, fitness classes, after school activities for the children, emails to answer, meetings to attend, appointments to keep, phone calls to return, errands to run, housework...gawd I feel exhausted just writing about all the things we cram into a day.

When do we find the time to.... STOP & BREATHE?

Some of us choose (meaning me when I was in corporate) not to take vacations, we would go into work when we didn't need too, just so we could catch up with paperwork and emails when it was quiet.  We would have those extra tabs open on the computer, the pings continuously advising us that we have new mail, the ansaphone messages we needed to return...does this sound all too familiar to you?  

We can all too easily fall into the trap of overwhelm with our day to day living that we forget what is important in our life.  And when we do find the 'free time' its easy to find ourselves consuming more and more social media, texting, apps, gaming and TV, frantically playing catch up on the things we think we are missing out on.

At the stage when I ran my life this way, I found that I was disconnecting further and further away from my true self, I was allowing myself to be moulded into a person that everyone else wanted me to be.

It eventually got to the point where I needed to get away, get away to just be myself, whoever that was.

When was the last time that you stepped away from your daily chores and routine? 

When did you Intentionally take the time to recharge, reconnect and reflect on what is really important to you?

Life is about the memories we make and the time we take to really absorb the experiences, breathing in those precious moments and being present.

Be honest with yourself, do you feel present in your life right now?


Make the decision today that YOUR life matters, your well-being matters, your health matters, your family matter, your true friends matter... your job and you trading your time for money is a part of life and I'm not saying to quit your day job at all, but to focus more than ever on the precious things in life, those moments and experiences that matter.

Take in life and feel it with all of your heart.

When you find that you're repeating that habit of being too busy, realise that being busy is a choice, we determine our schedules and we do have the power to choose alternate options and to take responsibility of adjusting them.

Try this exercise:

At the end of each day write down two things that you did, that someone else could have done for you.

It could be anything from picking up the dinner from the supermarket, helping with the household chores, administrative tasks...ensure that you write those two things every day and take action on them.

Know that you don't have to do everything and you don't need to be everything to everyone.  

Learn to delegate... your world will not come crumbling down, you may actually find that your life will lift up, you will find more free time to connect... reconnect to yourself and to become more of who YOU are.

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