Don't Just Sit There Start Clearing Your Clutter, Feel Energised And Free Your Mind!



Clutter is anything you don’t use, don’t like or don’t need anymore.

Many of us (myself included) hold on to ‘stuff’, whether we admit to it or not. Things that we hold onto because we ‘think’ we need them even though we know deep down we will never use, need or even like them again.

Examples of ‘stuff’ could be:

  • Old letters from ex boyfriends (I mean seriously, why do we keep them?).

  • Clothes we bought when we were in our 20’s and are ‘..fill in the gap..’ sizes too small (hoping one day we will fit back into them….really?).

  • Cd’s, cassette tapes, record albums, (even though we no longer have a record player..but maybe one day they maybe worth something.)

  • Books and magazines……(This is the area I found hard as I love my books….even though I haven’t read all of them….but will one day)

Decluttering is energising.

In every moment that we are alive we experience a flow of energy.

The energy is either peaceful, positive and flowing or blocked leaving us stuck, stagnant and exhausted.

This past week I felt that I had been blocked and my energy needed a boost so I decided to have a major decluttering session, clearing out all items that no longer serve me.

At times like this it can be hard to remember that we are responsible for managing our own energy and how that energy flows.

Although naturally in life there will be times when our emotions and energy seem harder to manage.

When I am experiencing times where my emotions aren’t in balance I remember to think of my feelings as waves in the ocean. They will come and go, rise and fall. Remembering that no feeling lasts forever and to forgive myself and know that anger and sadness are necessary and helpful parts of the human experience.

We need to experience these emotions, understand them, work through them and not to numb them down.

Physical objects hold energy and when we hold onto physical objects from the past it can link us to another time and holding onto that ‘stuff’ can keep us stuck in a rut from moving forward.

If you can look back only fondly at your items and know for sure that you will find them useful then maybe you’re okay with keeping a few mementos around.

However, if you have doubt and know that realistically the items are no longer serving you and aren’t benefitting you right now then perhaps its time to bravely move forward with your life and get rid! 

Simply clear the energy and create space for the new.


I am due to move home in a few weeks, a new life. The removal of ‘stuff’ has enabled my mind to think more creatively, to set new goals and new intentions, ready for the next chapter of my life.

Already I feel more balanced and less stressed, I feel I can move forward with clarity.

Holding on to clutter can be paralyzing but once you change the way you think about it, and get it done, you can watch your life become clearer.

How to start?

Put on some music, grab your favourite beverage and make a start…………

Let me know in the comments how you got on. :) x