Coaching is available to help you live the confident life you desire, starting where you are now and exploring where you want to be. Coaching takes place over a few weeks or months and is about setting goals that fit with your strengths and values.

Everyone is resourceful, everyone can be resilient and confident. To grow we must first be willing to change and to welcome change with openness and curiosity.  

To get the best from coaching you will be a person who is ready to take action and be accountable, you will open to new ways of thinking, willing to work through action plans, strategies and techniques.

I am able to offer a flexible approach to help you find ways in achieving the results you desire. (However, please note our sessions will be about moving you forward and not as a therapeutic relationship, we will work on clarifying your goals, identifying obstacles to your success and create action plans to achieve your desired outcome). 

Confidence and resilience is unique, your creative mind is unique and how we access it will be different for each individual.

I coach women to gain confidence, to reshape their perceptions and to empower resilience in creating their own path and rise above life challenges.

My role is to empower you with tools and techniques which you can use to unlock your inner resources for change and to remodel unhelpful ways of thinking and behaviour.

The first step:

For anyone wishing to invest in Bespoke 1:1 Coaching its important to firstly have a consultation call, where we will discuss the best fit for your needs. 

Please book in a FREE 45-minute clarity call to explore where you are, where you want to be and how I can help you get there. This call will ensure that we are a match and that I can help you move forward. (Link is at the bottom of the page).

The next step following the consultation call will be to begin the 1:1 coaching package and continue as we have discussed within the initial call.

The coaching package's start with a 4 week programme having 4 x 60 minute calls for the 4 weeks. 

What's included in the programme:

  •  1-1 sessions with me on a one to one via Skype, face-time or phone (number of sessions depends on what we agree - bespoke to you, but I recommend the minimum of four weeks of working together. Other programmes to be discussed at the time of booking.)

  • Unlimited email and or voxer access to me over the course of us working together.

  •  Relevent supporting documents/workbooks to embed your learning.

I take on a limited number of private 1:1 coaching clients for packages specifically tailored to you.

Please be sure to join the waiting list and be notified when a slot becomes available.

This programme is NOT for anyone who is:- (sent with love) x

  • Not ready for change.

  • Is not in a place that they want to take a long hard look at their situation.

  • Not ready for progress and unwilling to put the work and effort in.

  • Unwilling to take action.

  • Not particularly serious in changing their life.

  • I must advise at this stage that on occasion following a discussion I may feel that it would be more beneficial for a person to speak with another professional whos field of expertise will be better for them, depending on their current journey.