What is the BREAKTHROUGH coaching session? 

The Breakthrough Coaching session is an intensive and rewarding solution. It works best for those who are committed to doing whatever it takes to shift their issue fast and get the results that they want. 

The issues could include but are not limited too:

  • Understand what is holding you back and preventing you from living the life you want.

  • Clear the blocks and focus on what is truly important and will allow you to move forward.

  • Align your values to meet your goals and be more congruent in your behaviour.

  • Gain simple and effective tools to remove frustration and create the changes you desire.

  • Feel in your power, inspired and focused again.

  • Create an action plan.

  • Realize that you are stronger, more capable and resourceful that you think you are

  • Increasing self confidence, work performance, motivation, efficiency, decision making.

  • Get to the root of what is keeping you stuck and unhappy.

You are unique therefore at each session I will use tools and techniques that well be most useful to you at that moment.

How does it work?

The Breakthrough Coaching session lasts for 2 hours. You are sent via email a pre-session questionnaire that asks you to consider amongst other things, what you want out of the session and how you’ll know you have changed and got the outcome you wanted. We run the session via Skype, face-time or phone. The first part of the session is spent taking a detailed account of the area you want to work within, we will review your thoughts and ideas to discover the most exciting and right path for you, we will ask many new questions as necessary to clearly see the obstacles and the solutions, followed by the intervention itself.

We commit to do whatever it takes to help you get your outcome. You will be set some tasking at the end of the Breakthrough Coaching session to embed the changes that will have occurred.

And, there will be the following ensuring you have taken action and achieved the results you want:

  • Detailed e-mail follow up with all the important notes from our Breakthrough Coaching session.

  • Suggested action plan to create the changes you desire.

  • 1 FREE Follow up 20 minutes Coaching call you can redeem with-in the 30 days after your Breakthrough Coaching session.

If this seems exciting to you and you would like to get started then press the button below:

Please be sure to join the waiting list and be notified when a slot becomes available. 

If you have a few thoughts prior to getting started, then please feel free to contact me below with any questions.  I am here to help.