Susan H

Claire and I had a breakthrough session and it was just lovely. Claire was very attentive and quickly understood my challenges, within an hour we had a plan together on how I can make movement towards achieving my goals.

Ed. K

Amazing! I just finished a session with Claire Fagan to do some brainstorming and mind-mapping around developing my own coaching business.

Claire's energy is so inviting that we dug right into the nature of my needs. She gives you the safe space to explore and helps keep you on track.

A great listener, she helped me identify valuable moments along my journey and where my passions were demonstrating through my words and expressions.

After our session, I believe I came to know myself better and had a clear set of next steps. Highly recommend Claire as a coach. She's Brilliant!

Amanda H

Claire is an excellent coach - perceptive, compassionate and supportive. I enjoyed our session immensely and came away with much greater appreciation of couple of my 'blocks' and will work on these appropriately! Thank you Claire! x

Kimberley T

Claire is a wonderful coach. She helped me to see past my impatience & frustration and to come up with a plan that I've been able to action instead of continuing to spin my wheels! She is kind, attentive and a brilliant listener, I'd highly recommend her