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Download free at the bottom of the page

Often when a long term relationship ends we realise that we had been putting another persons happiness before our own and we had lost the person that we were before the relationship.

Breaking up is never easy however we will eventually arrive at a place where we say ‘no more’ its time to move on. This is an ideal time to really shift the mindset to self-discovery and re-invention.

Even though its hard to imagine while we are in the middle of change, that this transition we are experiencing is actually opening up our life and leading us toward a brighter future.

At this time of change we have time to really explore ourselves again and to begin opening to new things.

Its a time to reconnect to you and grow from the experience.

So today give yourself permission to discover and celebrate the life you want to have.

Shift from lost and stuck to clarity and confidence through self-discovery.

The questions in the guide are yours to use when you need a dose of reconnection to yourself.

There are 50 questions, I suggest integrating them into your weekly routine and reflecting upon them at the end of each week (or the start of the new one).

Please do not be overwhelmed with all the questions, you’re free to tailor them for your own needs as you wish.

Explore in bite sizeable chunks, not all at once.

The questions are thought provoking and powerful to invite insight and solutions for your life.

By answering these questions you can more deeply explore who you are, what motivates you and what is holding you back.

The key is to be curious, gentle and open with yourself. Do not judge or criticise your responses, this journey is personal to you….enjoy the ‘me’ time. 

Transition usually happens when we realise that the only person on earth who can determine whether or not we achieve the things we want in life… ourselves.